Witches Protection Program

Ancient magic and modern mischief collide in Witches Protection Program.

Twelve-year-old witch Salina has always been told the outside world is full of monsters. As food dwindles on her ancient hidden island in the Labrador Sea, she begins to worry. When a plastic bottle washes ashore with a message of friendship, food, and fun, Salina is eager to spread the good news. But the Magister would rather starve her island than open its doors to the modern world. She destroys the bottle and hunts Salina down to make her forget the truth.

WPPvibe1To save her life, the Witches Protection Program swoops in and whisks Salina far away to suburban Texas to pose as an ordinary exchange student. Salina quickly learns it’s not easy to solve problems without magic. When classmates become suspicious of her identity, she panics. Her lies destroy new friendships and her bungled spells cause chaos in the classroom. Salina is an outcast in both worlds.

With help from a mysterious teacher, a flying windmill, a cranky hamster, a pocketful of pink beans, and an ancient scrapbook of potions, Salina realizes that to save herself, she must first save her island’s future. That means she’ll have to face old fears, mend new friendships, and find a way to bridge both worlds.

Stephanie Ervine is represented by Mandy Hubbard and Garrett Alwert at Emerald City Literary Agency.


The Gravity of Daisy Gray

In Depression-era Manhattan, 12-year-old Daisy Gray lives secretly inside a copper dome on the roof of a grand hotel, where she discovers she has a magical power to control the bees that share her shelter. She survives on honey and the hope of reuniting with her brother, who was torn from her arms at an orphan train depot two years earlier.Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 6.42.52 AM

When her bees mysteriously stop making honey, a starving Daisy enters the lives of three hotel residents—a novelist’s rebellious daughter, an ironhanded pastry chef, and an eccentric scientist embittered by illness. She must figure out who can be trusted with her magical secret if she wants to rescue her bees from destructive forces and seize her one chance to reunite with her brother.

A silver compass, a slice of cake with Einstein under the stars, a wild ride on an underground train, and sweet chunks of honeycomb are treasured clues in this enchanting adventure.

Stephanie Ervine is represented by Mandy Hubbard and Garrett Alwert at Emerald City Literary Agency.



Within the heart of every pet is a heroic mythical beast. One lucky girl discovers what happens when that beast is unleashed.

With her pug puppy by her side, Hana spends the summer before sixth grade helping her grandparents to bake homemade pet treats for customers in Stillwater, Texas. Business takes off when a private pet shelter puts in a huge order. But there’s a catch. The treats must contain a secret ingredient provided by the shelter’s mysterious new owner, Claudia Creech.

When Hana accidentally feeds one of the secret ingredient treats to her pug, his inner mythical beast is magically unleashed. In addition to his familiar stubby nose, roly-poly belly, and twisty tail, he sprouts a magnificent set of shimmering wings. Hana’s pug becomes a Pugasus!

c2c024fbce09a0e2360a8de41e8baa8d--pug-life-animal-printsEveryone is thrilled except Claudia Creech. She’s desperate to hide evidence of her plan to unleash mythical beasts in all her shelter pets. So, she kidnaps Pugasus.

Hana gathers friends Paul and Bea to help rescue her winged buddy. While snooping around, they find a notebook directing them to a hidden farm where mythical pets called Mythlets roam free. Using the notebook as a field guide, the friends encounter unique and adorable Mythlets until at last, they find Pugasus.

But the Pegasus Pug is on a mission of his own. He leads the children to Claudia Creech, who lies injured. Creech’s plan to give pets the power to rescue themselves has gone awry. A cranky chicken has gobbled a whole box of magical treats and turned into a mythical monster–a Kraken Chicken!

With help from Pugasus, the three friends must rescue the Mythlets before the Kraken Chicken unleashes its appetite on the farm.

Pugasus is a charming adventure about finding friendship in unexpected places and discovering that even the most unlikely characters can be heroes.

Stephanie Ervine is represented by Mandy Hubbard and Garrett Alwert at Emerald City Literary Agency.